In any climate, but particularly today, market intelligence, research and access are key to success and credibility. To complement our legal search and recruitment services, we offer a range of consultancy support in this area. These include research, market mapping, competitor analysis, networking, remuneration & benchmarking, all of which help us remain current, relevant and connected.


Our expert researchers are fastidious in their approach, taking care to always make intelligent and accurate evaluations in their research, that positively enhance and reflect our clients’ requirements.

Market Mapping

Clients can rely on our open communication and sharing of information, resulting in increased levels of trust and strengthening our sector knowledge and position as ‘experts’ in the in-house legal market.

Competitor Analysis

The depth of involvement in every search mandate means that we are able to confidently feedback constructive commentary to clients’ regarding their company’s position and overall perceptions in the legal marketplace. Sometimes generic feedback is sufficient, but we also provide more focused reporting, upon request, serving as a valuable tool helping to strengthen in-house legal departments and improve retention levels.

Detailed competitor reporting is sometimes required by clients, serving as valuable market intelligence. We can provide this upon request.

Remuneration And Salary Benchmarking

Understanding and pitching compensation and benefits at an appropriate level is vital to clients’ for employee satisfaction levels and retention rates. We offer this service upon request.


As specialist consultants in the in-house legal sector, we are well connected to the people and companies where your skills and aspirations are best placed. We are energetic about sharing information and bringing like-minded clients together and pledge to keep you informed about suitable opportunities to connect.

Rachael creates wonderful networking events that bring people of like interests together thus creating an impressive network for herself, but also enabling others to build their own network.” EMEA General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, Fortune 500 IT Company

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