What is it? At its most basic level, coaching is the process of equipping people with the tools, knowledge and opportunities they need to be able to fully develop and to be more effective in their commitment to themselves, their colleagues and their company.


Often, coaching is deemed to be something that is available only to high performers and people who have been identified as ‘top talent.’ Hardly surprising since it is a term that was borrowed from the competitive world of sport and the military, where optimal performance is key. Whilst we acknowledge its roots, we also recognise that ‘talent’ can be identified and developed at every level, within every organisation. We all need to start somewhere.


As search consultants, coaches and business practitioners in the in-house legal sector, we have ‘walked in your shoes.’ We have experience in working for global corporates and boutique companies; of growing businesses from a handful of employees to exit and like you, we have experienced self-doubt. When you tell us about the challenges involved in leading and managing teams, we hear you. We also appreciate and recognise the difficulties involved in negotiating difficult business relationships, managing conflict or navigating our way through change.

Our Coaching Purpose

Our coaching philosophy is simple. To work closely with you and/or your organisation, at whatever level, to recognise and develop your talent, your unique skills and unlock and realise your potential through coaching and practical support  – both personally and professionally.

Coaching Services

To succeed in business today requires a far more complex range of skills than ever before. We can help you and your business overcome costly and time-consuming performance related challenges by providing a range of tools, processes and practical support which will help close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be.

Unlock & Realise Your Potential

  • Self Awareness. Research has shown that most of us don’t see ourselves clearly and it matters. Coaching ‘shines a light’ on how people behave and identifies their strengths and weaknesses, leading to improved self-awareness, increased confidence and more authentic behaviour.
  • Learn better ways to reason, communicate and build more productive relationships to help identify and realise your potential, through coaching.

Be A Better Leader

  • Being a leader can sometimes be a solitary path. Working with a coach will provide you with a solid ‘sounding board’ and opportunity to further develop and finesse your leadership or management style.
  • There are leader/managers who coach and those who don’t. Research has found that the most successful leaders are those who inspire and lead by example, share their challenges by empowering, trusting, developing and coaching their teams. Good coaching is an essential activity for business success where everyone can benefit.

Manage Conflict And Navigate Change

  • Excessive conflict in the workplace costs organisations and individuals hugely. Besides the loss of productivity, the cost of disciplinaries, grievances and dismissals should not be underestimated for organisations or for individuals – which is far reaching, sometimes causing permanent damage to health. The Health and Safety Executive recorded that between 2016 and 2017 12.5 million days were lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in the UK alone. Some of this could be avoided by supporting individuals and organisations through coaching.
  • Change is a given in the workplace and the pace of change is only likely to increase in the future. Those who are demonstrating an advantage in the corporate world are the individuals and companies at the forefront of change.  Through coaching, organisations and individuals can add ‘tools’ to their toolbox and learn how to successfully plan and implement strategic change and learn to respond in a way that is appropriate and with the most positive outcomes.

Give You Career A Fuel Injection

  • Your first 100 days. You got the job! Now the spotlight is on you. What do you need to do to demonstrate to the senior management team that they made a great decision in selecting you as the best possible candidate? Work with a coach during this pivotal period to learn how to showcase the best ‘you.’
  • Discover what recruiters are looking for. The specific skills you need to excel in the working world will vary depending on your field. But there are several general skills on your CV that most recruiters hope to see, whether listed or implied. Work with a coach to learn how to highlight these and impress with your CV.  Learn how to demonstrate why your set of skills makes you suitable for the position you’re applying for at that moment.
  • Learn about the powerful art of ‘networking.’ Business Networking is a really valuable way to expand your knowledge, learn from the success of others, attain new clients and tell others about your business. A good coach can help you to learn how to be a better networker.

Future Proofing Your Career

  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. Are you ready? Working with a coach can help you prepare for this in multiple, useful ways. Research conducted by Forbes Insights and Deloittes demonstrate that the uncertain impact of Industry 4.0 on their workforce is one of the top issues affecting their organisations. How well equipped are you for this change, that is already upon us?
  • Get ready for lifelong learning. How to create and respond to a learning and entrepreneurial culture.
  • Accepting change as the new ‘norm.’ Change is inevitable and happening at a rapid rate. Jobs are no longer ‘for life.’ How can we embrace disruption and change in an unstable environment?
  • Hone your unique human skills. While technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics allow machines to compete with humans in terms of knowledge or execution, they may have a more difficult challenge, figuring out emotion. Enhance yours by engaging a coach.

Outcomes For Organisations

  • Outcomes for organisations. Transform your workplace, empower employees, expand effectiveness and morale, strengthen self-confidence and inspire impactful leaders. Good coaching can help organisations achieve all of this. Unlock your organisations’ potential and create a renewed corporate culture, through coaching.

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